Ecuador Expands Presence in the UK with New Strategy

Ecuador is launching a strategic initiative to boost its presence in the European tourism market, with a specific emphasis on attracting more visitors from the United Kingdom. To visit Ecuador, you will need an Ecuadorian visa.

Ecuador flag with Great Britain flag

This multifaceted strategy revolves around positioning Ecuador as a sustainable tourism destination, highlighting its diverse offerings in nature, adventure, gastronomy, culture, rural experiences, and community-based tourism. 

The Ecuadorian tourism board is committed to close collaboration with UK-based tour operators and travel agents to increase sales and promote local businesses.

Post-Pandemic Recovery

  • Ecuador's inbound tourism has shown a remarkable recovery post-pandemic.
  • The United Kingdom ranks second in key metrics such as tourist spending and connectivity to Ecuador.
  • In 2022, British tourists spent an average of £1510 during their approximately 8-day stays.

International Connectivity

  • As of February 2023, Ecuador has restored 84% of its international connections with Europe compared to March 2020.
  • There are currently 288 direct weekly flights across 25 routes,connecting 16 international destinations.
  • Airlines like Avianca, KLM, Iberia, and LATAM Airlines offer direct flights from Madrid and Amsterdam to Guayaquil and Quito.

Collaborative Initiatives

  • Ecuador plans to collaborate with prominent travel agent associations and networks in the UK.
  • The aim is to create marketing synergies between the local tourism industry (represented by Ecuadorian entrepreneurs) and UK-based international buyers.

Participation in Key Events

Ecuador's strategy includes active participation in several major events:

World Travel Market (WTM)

  • One of the largest annual events in the tourism industry.
  • Ecuador's presence at WTM aims to reach a broader audience and establish key partnerships.


  • The largest B2B event in Europe dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism in Latin America.
  • Ecuador will have a significant presence at this event, marking its 10th-anniversary edition.

National Geographic Food Festival

  • A consumer event allowing visitors to explore destinations through gastronomy.
  • Ecuador will showcase local and traditional dishes, popular festivals, authentic recipes, and offer exclusive chocolate-making workshops, celebrating its cocoa products produced by República del Cacao.

Minister of Tourism's Perspective

Neils Olsen, Ecuador's Minister of Tourism, highlights that in the post-pandemic era, tourists seek destinations that offer immersive nature experiences, cultural immersion, and biodiversity. 

Ecuador is fully prepared to meet this demand by positioning itself as a sustainable tourism destination. The focus is on attracting conscious British travelers who prefer a slower, more mindful approach to travel while immersing themselves in Ecuador's unique culture, heritage, and outdoor activities.


In conclusion, Ecuador's new strategy for expanding its presence in the UK and the European tourism market is comprehensive and well-executed. By capitalizing on its natural beauty, culture, and sustainability, Ecuador aims to become a top choice for travelers seeking immersive and eco-conscious experiences. Through collaborations, participation in key events, and innovative marketing, Ecuador is poised for success in this endeavor.

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