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Application for knowing E-visa status

By Jocelyn

Hi Sir,

I would like to know, how can I verify my E-visa is valid? I don't know, how to check E-visa. if anybody know that, please help me for this.

should i visit first; can i bring my dog (westie); can I meet the equadorians in mpls to help them and hear their stories?

By Linda

I am 62.5 work for Fed Gvmt SSA. Work a lot. Live in Blaine MN. I think I live not too far from the 23rd Central area where a good part of the community may be. I would like to meet some of the people, hear there stories, cook for them, have them cook for me. Take a few of them around town. I don't speak spanish (yet). I am seriously considering being Expat in Ecuador for the "pro" reasons. I don't know if I can handle the stray dogs if that is true they are 2:1. I've been watching a few You Tubers on the topic. Does anyone had any feedback at all? Things could change a lot in a few years. Can someone tell me the quickest way to fly from MN? Is there any lower air fares, good place to stay overnight (LA or Miami)? Transportation is/was very good there, correct, so I would not need a car? Should I store mine here in MN when I leave rather than transport to E? That's it for now. Thank you.

How can I send all documents and informations

By Mahlet fekadu tesfaye

Hello I have all documents to equador tourist visa I'm working in romania and I'm ethiopian citizen how can I send all information and documents by email or...?

Evisa application site is not working for me

By Ahmadshah

I want to submit my visa application and I can’t access to site.is evisa close for afghan people?

How can I get a visa to visit for Ecuador?

By Evbuomwan

I am from Bangladesh and living in Malaysia.
I need to visit Ecuador next month. How can I get visa from Malaysia visit for Ecuador.